Borneo Child Aid/PKPKM is a NGO, which provides education for children of the Bajau Laut without any access to school and medical services, due to their legal status as stateless  children.

The purpose of PKPKM is to give all children the opportunity to access schools with pre-school and primary education and a hope for a better future. Our learning centers are providing the main subjects along the Malaysian curriculum such as Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics and Science as well as sports and arts.

But furthermore we are teaching the children, to protect the natural environment, which surrounds them. Our environmental program is done in cooperation with WWF Malaysia in order to help the children to learn about the value of the coral reefs. It is our hope that by providing an adapted education, we can also help the communities to keep their unique culture and close relation to life at sea. With educated young people, who have a living relationship with the sea and the coral reefs, we hope that they can become an important part of protecting of the unique maritime environment in the area.

The organization has its base on the Malaysian part of Borneo’s east cost around Semporna and Lahad Datu. We started in 2009 with a pilot project for the Bajau Laut children and in November 2011 a proper learning centre was established in Semporna, and by now it is educating more than 250 children.

PKPKM has also with important contributions from the Embassy of Finland started Mobile Teaching Units near to the homes of the children at stilted villages on islands near Semporna. Along the way, another new learning centre has seen the light in Lahad Datu in July 2013 and more projects are in the planning process. All our projects are carried out along with the Malaysian Government’s policy of Education for All (EFA), as well as the UN’s Child Rights convention.

A learning centre with 150 children will typically have 2 teachers, who are teaching in 2 sessions, one morning session at pre-school and lower primary, and an afternoon session at upper primary level. As most of the children have never been to school before, there is an enormous challenge to upgrade the knowledge of some of the bigger children to their age level. We have hard working and dedicated teaching staff, who share with us the compassion for the underprivileged children here, and we will be able to expand our projects to reach many more of the children without access to school by opening new centres and hiring even more, when our funding permits it.

PKPKM Projects for Bajau Laut and other stateless children

Learning Centre in Lahad Datu for 100 children

Mobile Teaching projects
Kg. Halo:  400 children
Kg. Pantau-Pantau:  100 children

Projects in the making
During 2017 we plan to start new learning centres with an average of 150 children per centre in 4 separate locations in Tawi-Tawi, Southern Philippines.

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